How to use Walter Bayliss Discover Software to Generate Leads & Automate Followup

What is discover?

Is a lead generation and marketing automation software as a service application that allows you to find target led leads and add them to an automated follow-up sequence.

Who is it for?

If you are willing to put in the work to identify leads within the software and contact them concerning specific areas they are lacking in their business where you can help and enter them into your sale pipeline to follow up with then this is for you. As this is just a software and you need to put in the work.

Who is it not for?

For anyone not willing to do the above because it’s just a software, not a miracle worker. You will need to use the software to find leads that you can help.

When should someone use it?

If you want to find targeted leads you should purchase discover to automate your lead gen and follow up. Of course, you will need to create follow up sequences and figure out how you can help your prospect.

How to use it?

You use discover two ways. One to find targeted leads who may be interested in a particular product or service you are offering. You find a lead and contact them via email or social media channel with an initial message helping them to identify areas in their business that they can improve.

Second, you add the lead to a pipeline or project where you monitor the progress of your contact with the company. Both methods can be setup automatically within the system so you can set and forget it.

But I do not recommend the setup and forget it rather set and monitor its method as you want to know you are approaching and adding qualified leads to your pipeline/automation you set up within the software.

Where can they use it?

The software finds leads for you on several social media Channels and Google so that you have no shortage of leads. It’s an online access also known as software as a service so you can login into from anywhere once you have a reliable internet connection.

How much is it?

During the launch period, the software will cost 297 for lifetime access but you can always buy the other option if you can not afford the lifetime price. I highly recommend the lifetime access because I don’t like paying monthly unless I have too so I try to avoid anything monthly if I can.

After the launch period, I believe it will be removed and will be a monthly commitment for a lot more than the lifetime price yearly.

How to get a return on investment?

In order to make you money back, you will need to have a plan and product or service you wish to sell to prospects. Depending on your service providing a service for 97 or 197 you will make your investment back after 3 or 4 clients you will be in profits.

3 ways to use discover?

As stated in the video you can use discover 3 ways to generate cash and make your investment back while building a business.

What’s missing from discover?

One thing you will need is a plan and follow up a system to approach potential clients. You will need a autoresponder which handles your email automation.

You will then need to create a few follow-up emails to get your prospect interested and able to know like and trust you in order to buy from you.

So it will take some work on your end as it’s just a software and hence why I created the bonus for those that purchase via my link.

Where to buy discover?

Discover is available for the lifetime price during the launch but if you are viewing this after the launch you still can purchase

Click here to grab my bonus package and discover now.

Bonus for buying via my link?

Check out my bonus here plus discover the link to purchase.

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