How to use Designopro to create amazing graphics and extra income in 2018

Stop and think for a moment when was the last time you was stopped in your track by an image, graphic or picture?

Yes images and graphic have a way of grabbing your attention. We learn by images and pictures growing up as babies before we learn how to recognize words and letters and as an adult it’s no different. It could be a cool t shirt image, pretty face or a design on a jacket that is presented in magazine that makes you want it.

When companies are launching a new product or brand they invest heavly into graphic, design, video and images to grab theirĀ  target audience attention. Take apple for example, when ever they create a new product like the iphone X they spend money in showing the product and its feature before it hit the market. Have you ever want to create graphics you can sell to clients to generate some side income? Of course you have, well now you can do just that.

So with that said, if you want to know how to tap into that market by creating simple design from logo, Ecovers to magazines covers like the ones shown below to generate income between 5-250+ per design depending on the type of design continue reading.

I am going to discuss 3 ways to use designopro to create between 5-250+ income per day following 3 proven business model/case studies.

Consultancy Model

I received an email almost every day soliciting web design or building your website service. One particular stuck out to me recently because it had a similar name to the software you will be using to create these graphic for hire/services so you can generate some side income if you have a full time job or income if you are not working.

The agency emails me a list of services they offer and from the design you can see it’s not cheap and is currently generating them a healthy income per month. So how do you replicate this using the consultancy model.

You create a similar website offering graphic design service to prospect to generate income. Not you need to make sure the service you are provide is on point. Model their website but do not copy word for word their website but use them as a model.

Inside my bonus for those who purchase designopro via my link I show you step by step how to create a consultant website and the tools you will to get start. If you are serious about creating some income this method is proven to work so long as you put in the effort to finding clients that need help with graphics.

The Fiverr Method

The second method is to become a freelancer on site like where people contact you telling you what they want. You then create the grahpic or design they want and get paid in return. Sound simple right.

This is a proven business model and can earn you between $5-30+ per day offer various services. If you stick to one category you can earn $150-900 per month just focusing on one service but why stop at one when the software has multiple categories of graphics you can create for client and offer your services on fivver.

As you can see from the screen shot you can pick from a multiple of categories to promote your services from. Pick one of the categories like logo design or infographics to check how other are pricing their services and model your services along the same line.

Offering Free Design

This one requires you to find companies on social media that do not have a cover image or profile images and create some images for them as a good will. When you give them something in exchange for freeĀ  you build trust and goodwill with them. When they need more services your company will be at the top of the list of people they want to contact.

The steps are simple, you pick a niche you want to provide the services for. Do a search on your favourite social media site to find businesses that are lacking in graphics ie cover images or posting images and only using text. You then recreate or create a new graphics for them and send them a message telling them the importance of using images. You then insert the image you created for them or create a simple video showing them how to add the image to their profile. Simple does it.

I hope you can see benefits of using graphics and creating a business helping other businesses with their graphics and design to earn some income even if you are still holding down a full-time job. You can use the extra income to pay off debt or save for that family vacation or whatever you like.

Click the video to check out the demo software

Inside the video I explain how to use designopro and the 3 tops ways to use to get a return on investment.

Grab Designopro here now

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